10 Characteristics of Aluminum

Aluminum in modern industrial applications is very extensive, and the main reason for the following characteristics:
1. Light weight aluminum accounted for one third of the steel plays a very important role in the transport and automation equipment.
2. The corrosion resistance of aluminum in the natural environment, the surface will be a thin layer of a natural oxide film is formed, can block the air to avoid further oxidation of oxygen, the corrosion resistance is excellent. Aluminum has a variety of different surfaces, such as the treatment, the better the corrosion resistance, suitable for the more severe of the environment.
3. Formability use complete or partial annealing may produce relatively soft annealing of aluminum, for a variety of forming and bending, stamping, deep drawing and other processing.
4. The use of various alloys to add strength and rolling, forging and heat treatment processes of different levels, strength produces amount of HB25o – HB167o of various aluminum products.
5. Conductivity of conductive aluminum for copper, but weighs only one-third of copper, the same weight of aluminum which is twice the conductivity of copper, so as to calculate the conductivity, aluminum is far less than the cost of copper.
6. The surface treatment of aluminum surfaces with excellent handling properties, including anodizing, coating, electroplating … especially anodized different chemical agent can be used to produce a variety of colors and coating and high hardness.
7. The processing of aluminum processing particularly well can be processed into rods, wire, squeeze, sheet, plate, shaping material, for a variety of purposes. Especially 2XXX / 6XXX / 7XXX series aluminum alloys, does precision milling are widely used in aerospace, electronics, machinery components, automated production and high-tech equipment and so on.
8. No low-temperature properties of aluminum at ultra-low temperature state, no embrittlement problems are generally carbon steel.
9. A heat-resistant aluminum alloy generally are not high temperature and under high temperature will produce distortion, but the efforts of researchers, has developed a high temperature resistance up to 427 centigrade without deformation of new aluminum materials.
10. The non-toxic, non-toxic aluminum in food containers and food packaging materials such as aluminum cans aluminum foil package.

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