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The 5 series is with magnesium Aluminium Alloy main alloy elements, also known as the magnesium alloy, the alloy state mainly consists of O state, HXX state and HXXX. Haomei aluminum is a production of aluminium sheet, aluminium strip, aluminium foil of large aluminium processing listing Corporation, its production of 5 series aluminium foil, applicable to the tank body is mainly used in aluminium and 5083 aluminium plate 5454-H112.
Haomei aluminum 5454 aluminium plate is antirust aluminium antirust aluminium, the strength is 20% higher than 5052, its characteristics compare with 5154 aluminium plate are roughly the same, but in the harsh environment of corrosion resistance , 5154 aluminium plate is better. Rust proof aluminium can not be strengthened by heat treatment, low strength, high plasticity, cold deformation of the alloy strengthening, but lower plasticity, corrosion resistance good weldability.
Based on the above characteristics, the product is suitable for fabricating 5454-H112 aluminium plate processing requirements of high plasticity and corrosion resistance of welded pipe, the liquid container carrying parts For example, air tank, oil tank body and support process requirements of high plasticity and corrosion resistance of the light component.
5454-H112 aluminium plate used in the tank body, the body weight of each tanker to reduce 3-5 tons, thereby reducing the body inertia, to increase the efficiency of the transportation and can reach the energy saving effect, has obvious advantages in the aspects of traffic safety. At present, Haomei aluminium products and related technology has matured, 1-8 can produce a variety of alloy state aluminium, aluminium strip and aluminium foil products In addition 1+1 Haomei aluminium production line put into operation, greatly enhanced the scope of the company production capacity and product production, Haomei aluminium will continue to increase investment in scientific research, continuous innovation and improvement, will be the best quality products to our customers.
Alloy 5454-H112 aluminium plate is typically supplied as plate and sheet by Haomei Al. The most commonly temper for 5454 aluminium is H112. Aluminium alloy 5454 is corresponds to ASTW standard designations and specifications but may not be a direct equivalent.

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