5A02 Aluminium Plate for Aircraft Tank

Fuel for any machine is essential, after all, related to the operation of the machine, so the container is also very important fuel, take the aircraft tank, it should have good performance, to ensure that the oil clean Of the circumstances, so that it is better protected, 5A02 aluminium alloy plate for the aircraft tank is more appropriate.
Aircraft tank with 5A02 aluminium alloy plate is rust-proof aluminium alloy, easy to rust can keep the oil clean, its good corrosion resistance, can adapt to the marine environment, so for the aircraft tank is more than enough. 5A02 alloy aluminium plate by cold deformation processing can improve the strength, good weldability, suitable for aircraft tank on the material requirements.
5A02 aluminium plate is a marine aluminium, Haomei Aluminium shipboard performance and foreign materials quite, to meet the needs of users. Companies strictly control the 5A02 aluminium alloy plate production process, casting process optimization, uniform heat treatment and rolling process, the products sold at home and abroad.

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