Advantages and Characteristics of Aluminum Checker Plate

Aluminum checker plate is divided into: small five bar aluminum checker plate, embossed aluminum plate, pointer aluminum diamond plate, aluminum diamond plate, five bar aluminum diamond plate, and so on.
Small five bar aluminum checker plate. The appearance of this material is more beautiful, able to slip. Small five bars are very good non-slip aluminum plate, in the course of the use of the mechanical properties of the plate, mechanical performance requirements are not very high, so the quality of the product mainly in the aluminum diamond of flower formation, aluminum diamond height, difference. It has a wide range of applications in transportation, construction, decoration and other fields.
Embossed aluminum plate. Because the embossed aluminum of aluminum plate surface showing orange aluminum diamond the same lines, so we call it embossed aluminum plate. Orange tattoo board is divided into classic orange tattoo board and variation embossed aluminum plate, its aluminum diamond is very beautiful, so often used in refrigerator air conditioning and packaging above.
Advantages and Characteristics of Haomei Aluminum aluminum checker plate
Pointer aluminum diamond plate. The finger aluminum diamond plate is a non-slip aluminum plate, but it is rarely used in anti-skid, the pointer aluminum diamond plate has a good processing performance and hardness, and therefore used for load-bearing aspects. The non-slip aluminum and more with five bars and the like, but because of the special aluminum diamond and the material aspects of the problem, in the decoration and decoration process which will not often be used.
Five bar aluminum checker plate. Five bar aluminum checker plate is the most representative of the aluminum plate. Compared with similar products, it is in hardness and tensile strength has a very obvious advantage. And five bar aluminum checker plate in the corrosion resistance, rust performance also has a strong resistance. Because it is beautiful, rust, anti-skid has a significant effect, so more for the work platform, ships, vehicles, construction and so on. So this aluminum diamond of aluminum in our country the most used, the price is the cheapest.
Above is the advantages and functions of several aluminum diamonds of aluminum, in the choice of time must be combined with the actual situation. Of course, in addition to the advantages and characteristics of them there will be some flaws, Mingtai Aluminum in the future production will be further improved to improve the existing defects, improve the characteristics of aluminum checker plate, allowing users to be more satisfied.

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