Aluminum Environmental Protection 3004 Aluminum Plate for Aluminum Cans

Aluminum is widely used in applications, construction, industry, food and so have its shadow. Aluminum cans can be said to be very common, aluminum cans are often used as soft drinks, beer packaging, all over the streets, aluminum cans with aluminum, light health, 3004 aluminum alloy plate with its excellent characteristics commonly used in the production of aluminum cans and Recyclable, low carbon and environmentally friendly.
3004 aluminum plate belongs to the Al-Mn alloy series, has good corrosion resistance, long-term contact with the liquid will not appear corrosion phenomenon, can guarantee the storage of liquid to keep clean and sanitary, and the container also maintain the original brightness, aluminum and the outside world Reaction to produce protective film, making the aluminum plate is not easy to rust, even if the long time in the humid environment will not be due to the quality of rusty material damage, affecting people’s use effect.
3004 aluminum plate is one of the best-selling products of Henan Haomei Aluminum, the company uses the leading international grinding machine equipment, can minimize product defects, its production of 3004 aluminum plate has a high corrosion resistance and good formability, for the production of aluminum Tank is a relatively high quality materials, and can be recycled, in line with low-carbon environmental development trends, is conducive to sustainable economic development.

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