Aluminum Plate for Shipyard

The history of aluminum applied in shipbuilding has been takes hundreds of years. Based on its superior physical properties like low density, high strength, high rigidly and corrosion resistance, aluminum plate for shipyard are extensively used in ships and warships, merchant ships, ferries, cruiser and high-speed ships. While during these high speed development field, there is one problem that tackles the process—speed. Shipyard designer think that aluminum plate for shipyard is one of the best choice for shipbuilding. There are following aluminum alloy which is the best choice for aluminum ships. Among all aluminum alloys form 1-8 series, 5000 series aluminum alloy sheet shows superior performance in shipbuilding.
Aluminum alloy 5052 keeps excellent corrosion resistance properties, especially in seawater environment. The high performance aluminum plate for shipyard keeps higher strength than 1000 and 3000 aluminum alloy. Good weldbility make aluminum alloy 5052 has good finishing characteristics. Our aluminum plate is JIS and DNV approved. Aluminum alloy 5052 with temper of O, H32, H34 H112 are idea material for the fabrication of oil tank, components parts as well as tank cars.
Similar with aluminum alloy sheet 5052, 5083 aluminum plate for shipyard keeps high corrosion resistance, good weldbility as well as good workability. Most of support structures like storage tanks, tanks cars are made by aluminum alloy sheet 5083. The general temper of aluminum alloy is O, H32, H34, H111, H 112, and H116, which is commonly used in chemical equipments.
As a revised version of 5052, aluminum alloy 5086 keeps higher strength and keeps excellent resistance to corrosion. It is commonly used in boat hull and ship body. The hardness of aluminum is classified by the different hardness of O, H32, H34, H111, H112 and H116. Other 5000 series of aluminum plate for shipyard like 5454, 5456 are also suitable for shipyard.

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