Applications of Honeycomb Aluminium Plate

Honeycomb aluminum plate is a kind of aluminium sheet used very common not only in industry but also in our life. We may saw many products made by honeycomb aluminum plate, but we do not know it is honeycomb aluminum plate. Except the application in building curtain wall decoration area and ceiling lining area, it has many other applications.
1. Honeycomb aluminum plate used in furniture area:
For modern furniture industry, the demand for environmental protection is strict. Choosing honeycomb plate as material for furniture processing, is a kind of very good material selection in the new century. Honeycomb aluminum plate has completely non-toxic green quality, which reduce unnecessary environmental program for furniture manufacturer when they process furniture. ln addition, the honeycomb aluminum face plate can be diverse, such as wood, aluminum, gypsum board, fire prevention board, fiber board, natural marble stone material and so on, all of them can make into honeycomb plate, the material selection is convenient.
2. Honeycomb aluminum plate used in partition area:
Honeycomb aluminum plate used in partition area, broke the previous traditional partition mode. Honeycomb aluminum partition have the style of noble, pure and fresh, which won a market share in the medium and top grade office space.
3. Honeycomb aluminum plate used in elevator engineering area:
Honeycomb aluminum plate and marble honeycomb plate have many advantages: fire prevention, temprature preservation, sound insulation, shockproof, heavy quality, buffer resistance, qualitative light, etc. To use honeycomb aluminum plate can greatly reduce the load of the lift, it is the most ideal material currently used for public elevator and cargo elevator.
4. Honeycomb aluminum plate used in rail transit area:
Buses, trains, metro and rail transit vehicle, commercial truck and container truck body, ship building, billboards, indoor decoration engineering, interior partition and goods display stand are all applications of honeycomb aluminum plate
5 . Honeycomb aluminum plate used in electronic whiteboard area:
Electronic whiteboard: the back plate made by honeycomb aluminum plate. honeycomb aluminum plate is a high-end product with aerospace material used in civil products technical. Honeycomb aluminum plate ensures the products proof of moisture, fire prevention, deformation, and service life of the product for more than 10 years. Plate surface is durable and strong plate resistance to blow. Honeycomb aluminum plate choose exclusive use projection wrighting writing membrane or panel with high wear-resistant coating manufacture, which make it has scratch resistance, high brightness, high-definition, easy to clean, can use the whiteboard detergent or wet cloth to wipe).

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