Current Situation of PS Aluminium Plate in Domestic

PS aluminium plate refers to the sensitive layer carrier of PS plate, which is aluminium thin sheet with thickness of 0.14 mm, 0.27 mm or others. PS aluminium plate refers to that a sensitive layer is coated on aluminium sheet, then printers print patterns on it. This is used for the printing for books, newspapers, etc. PS aluminium plate is adopted high quality alloy aluminium sheet (in generally, it is primary aluminium with a 99.5% aluminium content, such as 1050 aluminium alloy and 1060 aluminium alloy). Some grades are added letter A, which shows it must have high quality and has more strict requirements for impurities and properties. Besides, the common temper of this kind of plate is H18.
Printing has a high demand for PS aluminium plate, especially for high classic color printing. Thus, the quality of PS aluminium plate is the most important part. Generally speaking, the surface of PS aluminium plate should be clean, flatness, no crack, correction, holes, scratches, break, oil and other defeat. Besides, no color difference or other problems should exit. Caustic washing procedure use liquid with low density, and short treatment time. If the surface has too much oil, then under this circumstance, the oil cannot be cleaned completely. Thus, in later processing, black dots or line will occur, finally, the PS plate will have a lot of problems.
In recent years, PS plate has made great progress in domestic, but the production of high quality PS plate in domestic cannot satisfy great demand for it. Only less than 50% customers can get meet. Others can only import from broad. Long lead time and high cost and other shortages are not convenience. So PS plate manufacturers prefer to use basic aluminium sheet in domestic. Both the cycle time and quality can be guaranteed. And longtime cooperation can be easily established. So PS aluminum plate manufacturers in China should seize this opportunity to research and develop new product, only in this way can they make further progress. Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has been engaged in aluminum deep processing for 19 years and can provide high quality products. Our aluminium product has won good praise from home and abroad.

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