Five Bars Pattern Aluminum Tread Plate

Five bars pattern aluminum tread plate is a typical anti-skid pattern products, suitable for vehicle ships, mechanical platform pedal, workshop and cold storage floor, a variety of platform floor use. Five patterns were parallel distribution, with a certain decorative effect. In the aluminum alloy pattern plate standard (GB / T3880-2006) which will be the pattern of aluminum plate called aluminum plate 3.
Five bars pattern aluminum tread plate standard: GB / T3618-2006, according to the size of the pattern can be divided into large five and small five two patterns.
Five bars pattern aluminum plate height: ribs height 1 mm, plus or minus 0.4 mm, my company’s pattern height can reach 1mm, full of beautiful appearance, bright surface, chemical composition and mechanical properties can meet the standard.
Production process and process: the use of aluminum or aluminum plate blank, after embossing equipment to suppress the subsequent annealing, according to the processing technology can be divided into aluminum continuous embossing and aluminum plate after the embossing, which continuous embossed pattern of aluminum plate with the same batch Sub-pattern edge of the texture of the same, but the need for 5 tons near the bulk customization, and the use of aluminum plate after the embossing is not rigid from the provisions of the provisions, if the product needs to pattern the splicing recommended aluminum roll continuous pattern aluminum.
Five ribs pattern aluminum plate material: a series of three lines and six lines can be processed, of which 1060-H114 series is commonly used materials, changing the pattern of aluminum prices low, good processing performance, suitable for bending, sheet metal and other machines Processing.
Commonly used materials: 1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 3004 3A21 LF21 5052 5754 6061 6063 6082 and other series, the most commonly used is the 1060-H114 series, our company perennial with the material storage inventory.
Hardness state: H114 H14 H24 H32 T6 and other states.

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