Haomei Aluminium Production 5052H32 Marine Aluminium Plate

As the glass steel boat construction and dismantling process will produce a large number of harmful substances, so the aluminium fishing boats have been developed, aluminium in the international community has been widely used, China’s current aluminium plate yacht, aluminium fishing boats, aluminium ships , Has also developed rapidly.
Aluminium yacht is divided into two kinds, one is a small yacht, generally take four or five people, the other is a luxury yacht, you can take a dozen people. Under normal circumstances, small yachts they are generally in the freshwater lake, freshwater river, generally less than sea travel. Aluminium alloy yachts their materials are generally used 5052H32 aluminium or 5052-o state of the shipbuilding aluminium plate to produce, because they are in contact with fresh water, corrosive water is not corrosive inside, so with 5052 this alloy to produce.
The maritime luxury yacht, generally use the 5083H116 ship plate or 5083H321 high-magnesium alloy to produce, and they have a special processing technology, a very good corrosion resistance.

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