Haomei High-end 3003 Aluminium Honeycomb Plate

Aluminium honeycomb plate board is a kind of curtain wall decoration material which is special in the aluminium veneer industry. Its beautiful appearance, practical effect, excellent performance of energy saving and environmental protection make it have a place in curtain wall building materials industry, meet the definition of green building materials, As the “twenty-first century curtain wall building materials.
Aluminium honeycomb board construction principle:
The design of the aluminium plate honeycomb structure is the equivalent of the web of the I-beam, which is mainly responsible for the stress. The middle honeycomb layer is equivalent to the web of the I-beam. The structure of the two panels of aluminium honeycomb panels is high and has a large moment of inertia, so that the stiffness is good and the bending strength is large. The middle sandwich layer is bionic in the natural honeycomb structure, and the material is small, but the shear strength is large and the stability Good; panel and honeycomb intermediate layer optimization combination, making the honeycomb panel with light weight, strength, good stiffness and so on. Table panels and honeycomb selection appropriate, but also get a good earthquake, heat insulation, noise and other properties.
Haomei Al. aluminium honeycomb panels on both sides of the panel for the high-strength aluminium, the inner layer of a special hexagonal aluminium honeycomb, as adherent in the sandwich structure of the core board, in the tangential to withstand the pressure, these intertwined dense honeycomb like many small jobs Beam, can be decentralized from the direction of the pressure from the panel, so that the plate evenly to ensure that the panel in a large area can still maintain a high degree of flatness.

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