Hot Selling Factory Direct Sales 5052 Aluminum Plate

5052 aluminum plate manufacturers introduced 5052 aluminum technical characteristics.
Forming function
5052 aluminum hot technology outstanding plasticity.
The cold stamping function is related to the condition of the aluminum plate, the cold stamping in the annealing (O) condition is outstanding.
Welding function
5052 aluminum alloy plate gas welding, arc welding, resistance welding, spot welding, seam welding outstanding, showing the trend of two crystal cracks when argon crystal.
Hot selling factory direct sales 5052 aluminum
Weld strength and plasticity high, the weld strength of the matrix metal strength of 90% to 95%. However, the airtightness of the weld is not high, it is recommended to use 5A03 aluminum plate as a solder, which can improve the airtightness and eliminate the tendency of cracks.

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