How to Prevent the Oxidation of the Aluminium Plate

Aluminium plate used in the production and business operation activities very much, application scenario is very wide also, although the aluminium plate as a foundation for a variety of materials, bring huge economic benefits but also has a lot of problems, customer response one of more common is: aluminum oxide.How to prevent the oxidation of the aluminium plate is need to solve the problem of many customers, today is Haomei aluminium analysis combined with their own production experience for everyone.
Is the most important measures to prevent oxidation of aluminium packaging control temperature and humidity, so to make the packing wooden shaft, box board humidity is not more than 18%, packaging aluminium plate temperature is not more than 45 ℃.So if by the low temperature zone in high temperature, high humidity area, don’t open the seal packing immediately.To make aluminium plate can have time to adapt to the environment, workshop, warehouse roof leak rain, snow, should not be placed aluminium plate.To strengthen the management of the dry air, ensure no water in the compressed air.To strengthen the management of the rolling oil, control the water content under 0.04%.Aluminium packing seal should be adopted, at the same time, package should be put in the right amount of desiccant.Reduce the aluminium contact with air and water!
Here are only a fraction of aluminium oxidation prevention knowledge, and if you have other questions welcome to consult Haomei aluminium professional and technical personnel, we will give you the most professional solutions.

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