Lightweight and Environmentally Friendly 5754 Aluminum Plate for Car Doors

The trend of lightweight cars has been unstoppable, the quality of light from the material to start, the car doors to use 5754 aluminum alloy is a good choice.
5754 aluminum alloy is a relatively high use of 5000 series alloy, belonging to Al-Mg rust-proof aluminum, has a wide range of applications in the car, with good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing, medium strength, Thus becoming one of the important materials used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Aluminum alloy for car doors should have high resistance to fatigue and excellent corrosion resistance and also excellent processability. Quality 5754 aluminum alloy high quality 5754 quality suppliers, guaranteed aluminum processing enterprises, in order to enable customers to rest assured that the use of its products.
Henan Haomei Aluminum is a high quality supplier of 5754 aluminum plate. Its production of 5754 aluminum plate for passenger car door can make the occupant ride more comfortable, door closed light, door lock safe and reliable, the noise is small. Both safe and lightweight, combined with aluminum can be recycled, making its environmental performance and reflected out. Choose high quality 5754 aluminum plate to see 5754 quality suppliers.

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