1060 Aluminium Sheet Metal of Haomei Al

1. Introduction of 1060 Aluminium Sheet Metal
1060 aluminium sheet metal belongs to pure aluminium sheet metal with an aluminum content of 99.6%, and its chemical elements and properties are similar to 1050 aluminium sheet metal, so sometimes, they can replace each other. 1060 aluminium sheet metal contents 0.03% of Mg, 0.05% of Zn, 0.03% of Mn, 0.03% of Ti, 0.05% of V, 0.35% of Fe, 0.03% of others each, and the balance is aluminum. Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can reach international standards for 1060 aluminium sheet metal. 1060 aluminium sheet metal does not need very complicate processing technology, so it is much cheaper comparing to other aluminum alloy. The specifications of 1060 aluminium sheet metal can cut to size in Haomei Al. The thickness usually varies from 0.2mm to 4.5mm, width from 100mm to 2,600mm and length from 500mm to 16,000mm.
2. Properties of 1060 Aluminium Sheet Metal
The elongation of 1060 aluminium sheet metal is from 3% to 5%, and the tensile strength is from 110MPa to 136 MPa, which are pretty good. These can satisfy common processing demands, such as stamping and drawing. Besides, 1060 aluminium sheet metal has good formability but non-heat treatable. 1060 aluminium sheet metal of Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has all the characteristics above and our products can live to international standards. Our Product also sells well all over the world, especially in Malaysia, India, Korean, Europe, etc.
3. Applications of 1060 Aluminium Sheet Metal
As 1060 aluminium sheet metal has low strength, it is mainly used in industries that do not need high strength, such as decoration such as ad signs, traffic signs, construction decoration, bus body decoration, kitchen washing tank, lamp set, etc. Other applications include welding components, heat exchanger, and so on and so forth. Besides, 1060 aluminium sheet metal can be used for printing and food packaging. Except 1060 aluminium sheet metal, Haomei Al. can also provide other products from 1000 series, such as, 1050 aluminium sheet metal, 1100 aluminium sheet metal, 1070 aluminium sheet metal, 1145 aluminium sheet metal, 1200 aluminium sheet metal, 1235 aluminium sheet metal, etc. However, these sheets can be also processed in the condition of coil, which is more thiner.

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