Thermal Barrier Sheet Aluminum

The thermal barrier sheet for the automotive industry are the heat shields for engine compartments and exhaust pipes. And aluminum sheet for heat dissipation cover, we provide embossed aluminum sheet, spherical aluminum sheet, hemi spherical with various thicknesses and patterns all the year round, providing double-sided spherical, single-sided spherical, large ball, small ball and other patterns, suitable for Engine compartment, exhaust pipe heat shield and embossed aluminum plate for heat dissipation.

thermal barrier sheet

Automotive thermal barrier sheet aluminum is a commonly used aluminum sheet in the automotive industry. The surface is embossed with a pattern similar to pearls and spheres. The heat shields used by auto parts factories, engine parts factories and main engine parts factories are processed from automotive thermal insulation aluminum sheet. Haomei Aluminum provides automotive thermal insulation aluminum panels, engine thermal insulation aluminum panels, exhaust pipe thermal insulation aluminum panels, turbine thermal insulation panels, chassis thermal insulation aluminum panels, and engine compartment thermal insulation aluminum panels, which are suitable for various automotive insulation panels.


The thickness of the thermal barrier sheet aluminum can be provided between 0.1-1.5mm, the conventional 0.5mm is more commonly used, and it is available in stock. Year-round supply to major domestic heat shield processing factories, auto parts factories, stock in stock, providing single-sided semi-spherical, double-sided spherical, large ball, small ball and other patterns, samples can be provided. Haomei Aluminum is a supplier of thermal insulation aluminum sheet for automobile engine compartment, wholesale of heat barrier aluminum sheet raw materials, 0.5 mm thickness in stock, welcome to inquire.

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