Thin Sheet Insulation Material

Thin sheet insulation material have the advantages of light weight, low cost, anti-corrosion, easy maintenance and long service life. The aluminum insulation material is often seen in pipeline of oil plant, chemical industry, hot water and so on. The insulation material is common produced in coil type, aluminum coils for insulation need to reach customers through logistics transportation, but there are often many problems in the transportation process.

thin sheet insulation material

Due to the friction and corrosion between the thin sheet insulation material for pipe, the concave spot defects are generated. The following is to share with you the measures to prevent the concave spot defects of the rust proof aluminum insulation coil:

1, During transportation, fix the aluminum jacketing for insulation as necessary to prevent friction caused by the shaking of the car.

2, Place a protective material between the aluminum jacket coils to reduce the direct contact between the rust-proof aluminum coils.

3, Choose a stable shipping method.


There is no rain cloth during transportation, and the oxidation problem caused by the pipe insulation aluminum material entrapped in water. Because many logistics and transportation drivers are not afraid of rain because aluminum jacket roll are like iron coils, because aluminum alloys are rust-proof in common sense, aluminum coil packaging must strictly implement rain-proof and moisture-proof packaging, and at the same time account for logistics and transportation. The driver must cover with rain cloth in rainy and snowy weather.


When the thin sheet insulation material is transported, we can place the small aluminum coil neatly on the wooden pallet, which is convenient for loading and unloading with a forklift, reducing the direct contact between the jacket aluminum coil, and at the same time, the aluminum coil should be covered. The rain cloth prevents the aluminum coil from being corroded due to ingress of water, so it must be protected during transportation.

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