A New Blue Ocean of Aluminum Sheet Coil Furniture

It’s not novel to apply aluminum sheet coil onto furniture. You can see it anywhere in your home. It may be a part of your cupboard doors, closet frames, metal chairs and even dining table legs. Nevertheless, you can hardly find any furniture which is of aluminum sheet coil only. Although aluminum is a popular raw material for both furniture and interior decoration, it serves as component material in most cases. Now, a new era comes. At the beginning of 2017 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNI for short) declared that it would attach much importance to the application of aluminum in furniture industry. In response to the declaration, some furniture manufacturers push out all aluminum sheet coil furniture which looks just like wooden furniture.

Furniture manufacturers list as many as 10 advantages for this newly born furniture. If combined, the advantages fall on the following four aspects. First, also the biggest selling point, it is definitely environmental. All aluminum material guarantees that there is no formaldehyde, target of public criticism in interior decoration. Neither does the furniture have any unpleasant smell like paint, for it’s made of aluminum sheet coil and small connections of plastic steel. Second, it is resistant to fire, water and worms. This point is very easy to be understood since we are all familiar with the hardness and heat resistance ability of aluminum sheet coil. Third, it has long service life. After surface processing procedures of deepened oxidation and surface coating, the quality of aluminum sheet coil reaches the requirement for aluminium coils applied as exterior wallboard, which means it won’t deform in tens of years. Fourth, it’s easier to be maintained. You can simply clean it by water since it’s water-proof. Even if knocked or pressed by heavy things it won’t be damaged or deformed. An experiment shows that it can last as long as 50 years in normal conditions.

Haomei Aluminium, with decades of manufacturing history and over ten years of exporting experience, offers aluminum sheet coil of various types. For more information please contact april@aluminumhm.com or wechat/whatsapp 008615838029491.

Reprinted from https://www.7a7s.com/new/aluminum-sheet-coil-furniture.html

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