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Aluminum coil factory Haomei supply high quality aluminum coil product cold and hot rolled as an indispensable material in industrial production. The aluminum coil grade are 1060, 3003 and 5052 aluminum alloy. The specific use of these aluminum coil materials can promote the rapid improvement of the level of industrialization, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of industrial production. What are the main categories of alloy aluminum coil? The following is a detailed introduction to this situation, I hope to have a reference for everyone to understand.

aluminum coil factory

Alloy aluminum coil refers to a special type of aluminum coil in which many alloy elements are added in the aluminum plate processing process, which can play a significant role in improving the performance of the aluminum coil, making the alloy aluminum coil roll have special advanced properties that are more advanced than the aluminum sheet roll, and can be used in a more harsh environment. Now aluminum coil is widely used in mechanical processing, aerospace equipment processing and mold production and other industries, has an irreplaceable important role. The aluminum coil can also be subdivided into three types in terms of specific classification, which can be divided into aluminum copper alloy aluminum coil, aluminum manganese alloy aluminum coil, aluminum silicon alloy aluminum coil, aluminum magnesium silicon alloy aluminum coil and aluminum zinc alloy aluminum coil according to the different alloy elements Etc. According to different element units, the aluminum coil factory product alloy aluminum can be divided into binary alloy aluminum coil, ternary alloy aluminum coil and multi-element alloy aluminum coil.

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