Characteristics and Application of 7005 Aluminum Coil Alloy

7005 aluminum coil
7005 aluminum coil

The strength of 7005 aluminum coil alloy is higher than 7003 alloy, which features good welding performance and good heat treatment. 7005 Aluminum Roll Alloy extrusion material, often used in making welded structure which requires high strength and high fracture toughness, such as transport vehicles, truss rod, container; large heat exchanger, also can be used in the manufacture of sports equipment such as tennis and softball bar.

Lightweight is the development trend of modern transportation industry. And it means that the lightweight materials is widely used in vehicles. 7xxx Aluminum Roll Alloy belongs to high strength Aluminum Alloy. Characteristic with low density, high strength, good performance and good welding performance of extrusion,. With these advantages, 7xxx series aluminum alloy can be regarded as the key materials for high speed train, subway, light rail train and double deck train and luxury buses and other modern transportation tool. 7005 Aluminum Coil Alloy which belongs to Al-Zn-Mg-Cu system can be strengthened by heat treatment of high strength Aluminum Alloy. Including high strength, fracture toughness, high corrosion resistance and thermal stability, and good performance of extrusion, 7005 Aluminum Roll Alloy has gradually become one of the main timber large Aluminum Alloy profile for vehicle. Because of the instability of forming properties of high strength aluminum alloy, how to improve the formability of aluminum alloy profile has become one of the focuses of research at home and abroad.

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