Cold Rolled Aluminum Coil

Aluminum coil, as one of the most frequently applied metal materials in manufacturing industry, can be used on many products for daily life, such as high-grade door and window frames, ceilings, walls and even cosmetics containers.

What is cold rolled aluminum coil

Cold rolled aluminum coil is aluminum coil processed by cold rolling. Cold rolling refers to a manufacturing process including raw material preparation, acid pickling, rolling, degreasing, annealing and finishing etc. Hot-rolled aluminum coil is usually chosen as raw material for cold rolling. The first step is to make the surface of raw material clean by removing phosphorus, which paves the way for rolling–the formation changing part. Degreasing, the third step, is applied to eliminate grease on the surface of raw coil so that it will not be contaminated whiled being annealed. There are two methods of annealing to be chosen in accordance with concrete needs: intermediate annealing and heat treatment for finished product. The purpose of intermediate annealing is to eliminate work hardening of the coil from cold deformation and bring back its plastic property. Heat treatment for finished product can help to realize the same purpose, and it’s also helpful in obtaining special structure and properties to meet certain technical demands. Finishing refers to checking, cutting, flattening, printing and packing etc.

Cold Rolled Aluminum Coil

Advantages and application of cold rolled aluminum coil

With strong corrosion and weather resistance ability, high strength, perfect heat insulation property, sound prevention property, excellent fireproof ability, convenient installation and easy maintenance, cold rolled aluminum coil covers a wide range of application. Here we just give some examples for reference. First, cold rolled aluminum coil can be used as external walls of buildings such as office buildings, convention centers, cinemas or some landmark buildings. Second, it can be applied to tunnel construction. The wall boards and ceilings of many tunnels are actually made of cold rolled aluminum coil. Third, it can be used as bodies of cars and ships. Months ago BMW produced its new V Li, the most strongly promoted selling point of which was its light body made of aluminum. As a matter of fact, aluminum plates will be more and more popular in vehicle manufacturing industry with its smaller weight. Fourth, it can be used in interior housing decoration like ceilings, cupboards in kitchen etc.

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