How to distinguish hot rolled and cold rolled aluminum coil

The difference between cold rolled aluminum coil and hot rolled aluminum coil is mainly due to the difference in the production process. Cold rolled is processed by casting machine into casting roll and cold rolling mill. Hot rolling is caused by heating of aluminum ingot. Under the smelting and casting into flat ingots, through the milling surface, homogenized by the hot rolling mill after rolling. Secondly, the difference of raw material, hot rolled billets are casting aluminum ingots – heating – rolling into roll, cold rolled billets are casting and rolling – cold rolling. Moreover, due to the different production processes, resulting in the performance difference between cold rolled aluminum coil and hot rolled aluminum coil. Hot rolled aluminum coil has high surface quality, while mechanical properties and ductility are strong, and oxidation effect is good. Cold rolled aluminum coil mechanical properties is relatively poor, hardness is high, so usually used for the mold.

cold rolled aluminum coil

How to distinguish cold rolled aluminum coil and hot rolled aluminum coil? Firstly, you can generally determine by visual inspection, usually hot rolled aluminum coil’s surface is more bright. Secondly, they can be tested by the elongation, usually the elongation of hot rolled aluminum coil is higher than cold rolled aluminum coil. Moreover, the difference can be seen through the crystal, hot rolling is more than 90% of the thermal deformation of the processing of the organization, and in the hot rolling process for simultaneous recrystallization, so the strip has fine grain, the performance is uniform, and cold Casting Tissue with Dust Cylindrical Distribution in Feather Shape.

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