How to choose the right aluminum supplier

Aluminum coil has so many advantages and it can be used in many industries, so there are many aluminum coil supplier in the market, then how to choose high-quality aluminum products becomes the core of purchasing department. Choose the aluminum coil manufacturers worth to be trusted, do not focus on the cheap price only, because the profit of aluminum coil is very thin, in the face of fierce competition in the market, bad supplier often get profitable profits by false weight or replace materials, which caused losses to the buyer, please pay attention when purchase aluminum coil form supplier.

aluminum coil supplier

Many people may find aluminum coil corrosion, what caused corrosion and how to avoid corrosion? As a professional aluminum coil supplier, Haomei aluminum give you the answer! Normal oxidation refers to the aluminum coil after use, such as after wrapped in the pipeline, the aluminum coil surface will be completely contact to the air and form a layer of oxide film, this layer of oxide film will protect the aluminum coil, so after use, even if the rain and outdoor exposure, aluminum coil will not be corroded any more. Corrosive oxidation refers to the aluminum coil before being used, because the packaging roll state, aluminum coil surface is not completely contact with air, it has not yet formed a protective layer, in this case, if the aluminum coil contact with water, such as rain or damp, the moisture and aluminum coil surface will have chemical reaction, resulting in aluminum coil corrosion, aluminum coil will appear corrosion marks, severe situation will be black, like burned by fire. But this kind of corrosion occurs, there will be no secondary damage to the aluminum coil, aluminum coil itself has no problem, but the appearance of damage.

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