How to prevent the aluminum coil is oxidized

Anti-rust alloy aluminum coil roll is rolled through the rolling calender, pull-corner processing, for the flying shear of metal products. Antirust alloy aluminum coil is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc., today simply introduce anti-rust aluminum alloy anti-oxidation measures.

Anti-rust aluminum coil placed space to strengthen air-dry management, to ensure that compressed air without water.To strengthen the management of rolling oil, the water content controlled below 0.04%. At the same time should be sealed package, each volume should be placed in the amount of desiccant.

Anti-rust alloy aluminum coil box wooden shaft, box humidity is not more than 18%, packaging aluminum coil temperature is not greater than 45 ℃.

Antirust aluminum alloy coil can be divided into cold-rolled aluminum coil and hot-rolled aluminum coil, the main difference is the anodic oxidation, hot rolled aluminum coil can do anodic oxidation.

Cold rolled aluminum coil and hot rolled aluminum coil use is different, cold rolled aluminum coil used for molds; hot rolled aluminum coil for stamping stretch. The same material due to different production processes, its physical properties is very greatly.

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