Painted Aluminum Coil for Umbrella Ribs

Each home possesses several umbrellas. Common requirement for a good umbrella should be beautiful, strong, light and easy to carry. As picking clothes in shopping malls we, especially ladies, always spending quite a few minutes considering the color, design, size, cloth quality and even weight of an umbrella before making a purchase decision. But few people really pay much attention to its ribs, which, in a certain degree, decides the durability of an umbrella. Today let’s talk about how painted aluminum coil is used for umbrella ribs.

At the very beginning umbrella ribs were not made of aluminum coil, but of bamboo or wood. Later iron and steel ribs appeared. Then with advanced technology and increasing market demands, ribs of other materials came into being, including aluminum ribs (also referred to as fiber ribs), electro-deposition ribs and resin ribs.

Nowadays you can see umbrellas of all kinds of ribs except bamboo and wood in the market. Therefore, it really needs some skills to pick a satisfied umbrella. Normally speaking, steel ribs are strongest with longest service-span, but they are heavy. Iron ribs are also strong, but they are heavy and go rust easily. Others types, including aluminum coil ones, are light and easy to carry, but they are less wind-resistant because they may bend in strong winds. Aluminum coil is usually applied to upscale umbrellas. In most cases it would be painted to match the color of umbrella. Besides, painted aluminum coil has an extra advantage of being corrosion-resistant, which is essential for an umbrella used either in rainy or sunny days.

Except material of its ribs there is another way to judge the quality of an umbrella–rib numbers. Generally speaking, beach umbrellas consist of 6 to 8 ribs. The more are the ribs, the stronger yet heavier the umbrella is. So even if you choose an umbrella with aluminum coil ribs, it’s unnecessarily lack in strength as long as it has enough numbers of ribs!

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