1235 aluminum foil factory in china

Haomei is a professional 1235 aluminum foil factory in china, we supply 0.0045-0.4mm 1235 aluminium foil with high quality and low cost. 1235 aluminum foil is a common seen aluminum foil product and it has wide application. Such as aluminum foil for capacitors 1235-O, thickness of 0.0045~0.009mm, aluminum foil for cigarette packaging 1235-O, thickness of 0.006 ~ 0.007mm,  flexible packaging aluminum foil 1235-O, thickness of 0.006~0.009mm, cardboard aluminum foil 1235-O, thickness of 0.006mm, cable aluminum foil 1235-O, thickness of 0.006 ~ 0.04mm,  aluminum tape foil 1235-O, thickness of 0.01-0.05mm, battery aluminum foil 1235-H18, thickness of 0.012 ~ 0.035mm, aluminum foil for insulation 1235-O, thickness of 0.006 ~ 0.03mm.

1235 aluminum foil factory in china

There are dozens of large and small 1235 aluminum foil factory in China. When purchasing 1235 aluminum foil products, how to choose a aluminum foil manufacturer with strong strength?

First, look at product quality and performance.

High-quality aluminum foil manufacturers should fully guarantee the product quality and superior performance. For example, the 1235 aluminum foil produced by Haomei Aluminum can achieve good surface and uniform gloss, the thickness of the aluminum foil product is error-free and the specifications are accurate, there are no bright spots and bright marks on the surface of the aluminum foil, the whole process of product production process is monitored to ensure no residue or water spots.

Second, look at the comprehensive strength of 1235 aluminum foil factory in China

A company with strong comprehensive strength can protect the superior performance of 1235 aluminum foil. Production scale, annual production capacity, product quality and other aspects are important factors in testing aluminum foil manufacturers.

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