8011 aluminum foil is often used for dairy packaging

8011 aluminum foil has added Al-Fe-Si elements with good high and low temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance. 8011 aluminum foil is a kind of packaging aluminum foil and is often used for packaging dairy products to cut off food contact with the outside world to reduce the growth of bacteria, to ensure the storage of food long enough.

8011 aluminum foil is opaque and high barrier products to avoid the direct impact of direct sunlight on the product, combined with its non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free features, and can be recycled. It is commonly used in the market Packaging Materials.

Specifications of aluminum foil 8011 used for dairy packaging:

Thickness: 0.006mm-0.2mm

Width: 20mm-2500mm

Temper: O, H 24, H14

The widely applications of packing aluminum foil 8011:

Aluminum foil widely used in food, drinks, cigarettes, drugs, photographic plate, household products etc because of its excellent characteristics. It is not only used as the packaging materials, electrolytic capacitor materials, buildings, vehicles, ships,houses and other insulation materials, but also as the gold & silver line decoration, wallpaper and all kinds of stationery printing as well as packaging trademark of light industrial products etc. In the above a variety of purposes, packaging material can incarnate the aluminum foil performance at the most extent.

Aluminum foil  for container is soft metal film, not only has the advantages of moisture, seal, shading, resistance to abrasion, incense and non-toxic, tasteless, but also easy to work out all sorts of color of beautiful design and decorative pattern because of its elegant silvery gloss. Therefore, aluminum foil is more liked by people.

8011 aluminum foil produced by the professional aluminum products manufacturer dairy products with 8011 food packaging foil surface without spot, uniform color, with excellent moisture resistance, dark and high barrier properties, mechanical properties, non-toxic, tasteless, safe, hygienic, after compounding Widely used as packaging material. 8011 aluminum foil price consult us (Email:sarah@aluminium24.eu) freely.

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