Aluminium paper foil roll suppliers

Aluminium paper foil roll suppliers have advanced rolling equipment, foil rolling production line, slitting production line, high-efficiency energy-saving annealing furnace. All the production line has high degree of intelligence integration, strong production capacity. Aluminum foil rolling mill can process materials up to 0.95mm into foils of various specifications and widths. These processed aluminum foil rolls can be used as raw materials for further processing, such as the production of food containers, embossing, printing and coating, pasting, food, beverages, pharmaceutical packaging in daily life, packaging of cosmetics and some special-purpose materials, cables and heat transfer, etc.

aluminium paper foil roll suppliers

Generally, The slitting machines of aluminium paper foil roll suppliers have restrictions on the number of slits, and too many slits will affect the yield and production efficiency. When the width of the aluminum foil roll material before slitting is 1200mm, it can be divided into 4 pieces, and when the width of the aluminium foil material before slitting is 1800mm, it can be divided into 5 pieces; that is to say, the best cut width of the general slitting machine should not be less than 200mm. Cut multiple finished aluminum foil rolls on the slitting machine. In order to overcome the shortcomings of single-shaft winding, double-knife stripping shearing is often used. The strips are treated as scrap. The width of the drawing strip is generally about 6mm. Although the drawing cutting will increase the geometric waste, it can be compensated by the benefit of improving the production efficiency and reducing the individual cutting process.


The number of slits is not only related to the performance of the slitting machine of aluminium paper foil roll suppliers, but also more closely related to the flatness of the aluminum foil. The worse the flatness, the more the number of slitting, the easier it is to break the tape. The lower the slitting quality and efficiency.

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