Aluminum foil for air conditioner develop trend

Air conditioner aluminum foil means the aluminum foil for air conditioner, the common types of air-conditioners which use aluminum foil including household air conditioners, central air conditioners, automotive air conditioners, computer room air conditioners, train air conditioners, and food refrigeration equipment. Because aluminum foil has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity, easy deformation, processing, light weight, low price, no pollution and so on, it has become the first choice for air-conditioning heat exchanger materials.

aluminum foil for air conditioner

At present, air conditioners is gradually developing towards miniaturization, high performance, and long life. The air conditioning heat exchanger is also correspondingly developed toward ultra-thin and high strength. In the 1980s, the thickness of the heat exchanger was 0.15-0.2 mm, while the current thickness is only between 0.09 and 0.15 mm. In addition, in order to improve the life of air conditioners, reduce power consumption, improve ventilation quality, and improve cooling performance, coated heat exchangers with various functions have been developed in succession. Typical corrosion-resistant heat exchange fins and surface hydrophilic heat exchangers, surface water repellent heat exchangers, mold proof heat exchangers, self-lubricating heat exchangers, etc. With the develop of heat exchangers, the aluminum foil for air conditioner has also developed a lot, thinner with higher heat exchange performance aluminum foil are used in air conditioning today, 8011 and 1145 are the common seen grade, several tempers available, any request will be tread seriously, welcome to contact us!

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