Aluminum packaging for pharmaceutical

Aluminum packaging for pharmaceutical material is mainly aluminium foil 8011 and 8021 with no pinhole and good sealing ability. The surface of Haomei aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging is clean, flat and evenly coated. The text and graphic printing should be correct, clear and firm.

aluminum packaging for pharmaceutical

The packaging aluminum foil for pharmaceutical is contacted with the medicine directly, plus to protect and maintain the effect of the drugs, so the quality standard of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil is very high.

1, Number of connectors.
No more than 3 per 1000m, and add a mark on the joint

2, Roll surface and end face
Should be tightly wrapped, tangled, the end surface should be flat, no tower shape, split layer, loose layer or free fall of the die is allowed, and serious bumps and depressions are not allowed.

3, Pinhole
There should be no dense, continuous, periodic pinholes, d>0.3mm is not allowed in 1m2, no more than 1 in d=0.1~0.3mm

4, Printing quality
(1) Printed characters and patterns: should be correct, clear and firm; after heat sealing at high temperature, the characters and patterns are still clear and do not change color. The text content pattern and symbols should be consistent with the standard proofs.
(2) Printing misalignment: specified position ± 1.5mm.
(3) Printing color: the color should be uniform, and there is no obvious color difference between the same batch and different batches.

4, Microbial limit of aluminum packaging for pharmaceutical
The total number of bacteria should not exceed 1000/100cm2, and the total number of molds should not exceed 100/100cm2. E. coli and live cockroaches should not be detected.

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