Chocolate aluminum foil wrappers

Chocolate aluminum foil wrappers are used for chocolate packaging, the thickness of 8011 aluminum foil is 0.012–0.07mm. Freshly produced chocolate products generally maintain a bright appearance, delicate quality, brittle characteristics and beautiful aroma, which is a fresh feature of chocolate. But after being placed, these features disappeared one after another. Under normal climatic conditions, the rate of deterioration of chocolate products often depends on the packaging and storage conditions.

chocolate aluminum foil wrappers

The effect of aluminium foil for chocolate packaging is as follows:
1, resistant to heat.
Because chocolate products are most afraid of heat, when the outside temperature exceeds the melting point of chocolate fat, it softens or deforms. The newly produced chocolate is very poor in heat resistance. If exposed to normal temperatures, different degrees of qualitative change will occur. Therefore, the chocolate packaging foil materials and forms must first be beneficial to improve the resistance of chocolate to heat.
2, avoid the intrusion of water vapor in the air
The relative humidity of the air is high and low. If the chocolate absorbs water vapor, the gloss of the surface disappears quickly. The small sugar on the surface absorbs moisture and dissolves, and recrystallizes to form a white flower. The original crystalline stable fat will also be affected, and finally the product will be organized. The structure is soft. When chocolate is transferred from undercooled conditions to generally hot temperatures, it is particularly susceptible to condensation on the surface. Therefore, the impact of water vapor on chocolate products can be severe enough to lose the value of goods. Therefore, the choice of packaging materials and packaging forms should improve the water vapor resistance of the product.
3, protect the scent of chocolate for a long time.
There are two ways: one is to protect the fragrance of the chocolate itself into the space; the other is to prevent all unpleasant odors from polluting the chocolate in the external environment. Fresh and fragrant chocolate products, after a period of time, the scent will be weakened, and some of the surrounding scent will also be dyed. So the chocolate aluminum foil wrappers are used for protect chocolate fragrance from air.


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