Cost of aluminum foil

Cost of aluminum foil is related to the raw material cost, processing cost and the detailed specification, welcome to contact Haomei to get the newest quotation. In the production of aluminum foil, the rolling of aluminum foil is divided into three processes: rough rolling, intermediate rolling and finishing rolling. From a technical point of view, it can be roughly divided from the thickness of the rolling outlet. The general method of division is that the thickness of the outlet is greater than or equal to 0.05mm is rough rolling, and the thickness of the outlet is between 0.013 and 0.05, which is intermediate rolling.

cost of aluminum foil

Rough rolling is similar to the rolling characteristics of aluminum sheet and strip. The aluminium foil thickness control mainly depends on the rolling force and post tension. The rough rolling processing rate is very small. Its rolling characteristics are completely different from the rolling of aluminum sheet and strip. It has aluminum foil rolling particularity. To make the aluminum strip thinner mainly depends on the rolling force, so the automatic thickness control method is the control method with constant roll gap as the main body of the AGC. Even if the rolling force changes, the roll gap can be adjusted at any time to keep the roll gap at a certain value. The aluminum foil is rolled to medium finish rolling. Because the thickness of the aluminum foil is extremely thin, the rolling force is increased to make the elastic deformation of the roll easier than the plastic deformation of the rolled material. The elastic flattening of the roll is not Ignored, the spring roll flattening of the roll determines that in aluminum foil rolling, the rolling force can no longer play the role of rolling a sheet. Aluminum foil rolling is generally rollless rolling under constant pressure conditions, to adjust the thickness of the aluminum foil mainly depends on the adjusted tension and rolling speed. And the cost of aluminum foil is also affect by the thickness.

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