Great Application of Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil
Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil mainly includes water packaging, injection packaging, caps of bottle and pharmaceutical packaging PTP aluminum foil. Especially, PTP aluminum foil is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry because of its advantages of moisture resistance, safety, sanitation, portability and so on.

In our country, the application of medical packaging aluminum foil was used less. In order to standardize the development of drug packaging, China has begun to introduce the standard system of pharmaceutical packaging, to support and guide the development of drug packaging from the policy. Therefore, in the selection of new material, pharmaceutical packaging, bag pill material will make the aluminum plastic bags replace paper bags;

The sealing will use aluminum foil, which features good sealing performance and high efficiency production; To replace the PVC heat seal packing large pill of Chinese medicine as the blister packing replacement; To enlarge the application of blister packaging in in various dosage forms.

But what is the aluminum foil blister? It is composed of composite aluminum foil and plastic barrier property bubble plate bonding, which is a new type of pharmaceutical packaging products in the global scope, which is a new charge material by OMEGA Research Association as one of the most influential packaging industry packaging technology.

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