Packaging aluminum foil with rapid development

Aluminum foil applications continue to expand, especially in the field of packaging applications, aluminum foil industry has become an important part of the rapid development of China. Since 2001, China’s aluminum foil consumption has ranked second in the world, second only to the United States.

According to the European Aluminum Foil Industry Association statistics, in Europe, more than 70% of the aluminum foil for a variety of packaging areas. In the United States, this ratio is as high as 75% or more. Japan only food packaging aluminium foil accounted for 30% of the total consumption of aluminum foil.

Before the rapid growth momentum. In 2005, China’s total demand for aluminum foil market will exceed 400,000 tons in 2010 will reach 600,000 tons. If you consider 15% of the development of unbalanced factors, it may reach 700,000 tons.

Outside the room temperature shelf life and other advantages, so that aluminum foil in a variety of packaging applications continue to increase. At the same time, different products of the packaging of aluminum foil packaging also put forward new requirements. For example, some products require UV protection at the same time, but also hope that some special gas can enter the packaging, selective through the membrane has become a need to develop new technologies. Foreign companies have developed a new aluminum foil packaging technology, such as through aluminum foil packaging, antifreeze packaging, anti-condensation packaging.

Electronic products and other areas of rapid development, has become an important part of the packaging field. Recently, the aluminum foil packaging market, some of the new features worthy of attention.

Easy to bend and other properties; good adhesion, heat resistance; excellent surface printing performance and decorative effects, richer shape packaging design has become a new feature of aluminum foil packaging applications. Chocolate packaging, for example, our common chocolate packaging with a square, strip, round, diamond, oval, heart and so on. In foreign countries, there are manufacturers to give full play to the imagination, the chocolate will be designed into Santa Claus, historical figures, all kinds of cute little animals, cartoon shape, surface and decorated with the corresponding pattern color. Similar to the design there are many, such as the design of the shape of gold coins, accompanied by golden decoration; there are a variety of different shapes, such as football, cars, toys and so on. Chocolate packaging such a rich shape, in the absence of aluminum foil packaging is difficult to imagine.

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