The Applications of Aluminum Foil 3003

aluminum foil 3003
aluminum foil 3003

Developing with the good performance and high technology of Aluminum foil, the aluminum foil 3003 has been widely used in the beverage industry: make the aluminum foil, paper and PE and other multi-layer materials together to produce the composite packaging,

This aluminum foil composite packaging material, which features low cost, less impact of environment can be often used as the small software packaging materials. The quality of aluminum foil, pinholes, expand performance and other quality will have a great effect on the packaging of the shelf life, appearance quality. Therefore, the software package will need the high quality and good freshness performance of aluminum foil 3003.

Construction industry: The aluminum foil for insulation materials are used as the central air conditioning pipe outside. In some developed countries and regions,  with aluminum foil, plastic and woven fiber composite materials to do the building roof insulation layer, which will have a good insulation effect and also have a long serving life. The aluminum foil 3003 will be an ideal building materials.

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