Vapor barrier aluminum foil

Vapor barrier aluminum foil have great high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and barrier properties. Because of its good barrier properties, it can be effectively applied to food packaging that requires long-term storage. The aluminum foil rolling mill is equipped with advanced automatic thickness control system and shape automatic control system to realize accurate control of shape and thickness. Select high quality aluminum foil blank, strictly control the hydrogen content, nonmetal slag content and grain size to ensure the product quality from raw materials.

vapor barrier aluminum foil

Compared with other packaging materials, aluminum foil has low moisture permeability, good moisture resistance, and at the same time has the advantages of safety, convenience and long shelf life. Although the thickness of aluminum foil is reduced (less than 0.02mm), pinholes and as the thickness of the aluminum foil increases, its moisture-proof performance is still superior to plastic films without pinholes and other packaging materials. This is because the plastic polymer chains are far apart from each other and cannot prevent water vapor penetration. If the surface of aluminum foil is coated with resin or compounded with paper or plastic film, its moisture resistance is better.


When the thickness of vapor barrier aluminum foil is small to a certain extent, pinholes will inevitably appear. The minimum thickness of pinholes is generally considered to be 0.038mm. Due to the improvement of rolling technology and material, this thickness has been reduced to 0.025mm. The experiment also proved that the diameter of the vent hole is critical. When the diameter is less than 55m, oxygen and water vapor are not transmitted in the measurable range.

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