Wide Application of Aluminum Foil Malaysia

aluminum foil malaysia
aluminum foil malaysia

Aluminum foil malaysia is made of pure aluminum with a purity of 99.5% or more. It is rolled from a thickness of 0.005~0.2mm, which features light, shiny and reflective performance. This type of aluminum foil malaysia can often be used for thermal insulation packaging;

Aluminum foil is easy to be processed into various shapes; for printing, gluing, painting, coloring, stamping, printing and so on;

Temperature adaptability, high temperature or low temperature stable shape shading and aroma; But also has a disadvantage that is not acid and alkali, which can not be welded and low tear resistance.

Aluminum foil Malaysia is widely used in packaging, which can be individually packaged goods; Also can be made into cooking bags, packaging convenience food and cooking food etc..


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