Mirror finish aluminum sheet series of Haomei

The surface of the mirror finish aluminum sheet is clean as a mirror, it can be used as the reflective material for lighting lamps according to the functional type. The mirror aluminum sheet can enhance the light efficiency by more than 60% and save energy. When used as interior decoration, the effect of mirror reflection can enlarge the space and bring the illusion into effect. The reflective rolling surface enhances the architectural performance of the buildings. But these two application is not the entire of mirror aluminum sheet usage of Haomei Aluminum.

mirror finish aluminum sheet

Moreover, mirror finish aluminum sheet can also be applied as solar collector reflective materials, building curtain walls, household appliances panel, electronic products shell, furniture kitchen, car interior and exterior decorations, signs, labels, bags, jewelry boxes and other fields. We can also provides a rich color of the mirror aluminum sheet, these multi color mirror aluminum sheet can play the effect of imitation copper and stainless steel. We can also provide 86% reflectivity aluminum mirror sheet and ultra high reflectivity mirror aluminum sheet with more than 96% reflectivity. The excellent reflection properties products can greatly improve the efficiency of lighting, optics and solar energy utilization, improve product quality, extend product life, effectively save energy and reduce energy consumption, and satisfy customers’ demand for aluminum reflectivity.

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