Operation Skills to Reduce Machining Distortion of Aluminum Plate Products

Although aluminum plate products have won more and more popularity in kinds of industries, machining distortion remains to be a problem which few manufacturers can avoid. We used to talk about process measures for reducing machining distortion in How to Avoid Machining Distortion of Aluminum Plate Products (I). Except for process measures, operation skills also serve to be an effective way in cutting down distortion in machining.

For aluminum plate pieces with big process allowance, symmetrical machining proves to be a good way for heat dissipation. If we need to cut down the thickness of a plate from 90mm to 60mm. The flatness can only reach 5mm by finish milling one side of the plate first and them the other side. However, if we choose to mill both sides repeatedly in a commutative way, the flatness can reach as good as 0.3mm. For aluminum plates with more than one cavities, it’s not recommended to process the cavities one by one, which would lead to distortion owing to uneven undertaking of force. In opposite, if we choose to include all cavities for each process and have several processes repeatedly, distortion would be greatly reduced. Workers should also pay attention to cutting orders for aluminum plates. In rough machining up milling is recommended so that extra materials on the surface can be removed efficiently, while in finishing climb milling is better because the cutting thickness keeps falling in the process, which eventually reduces distortion grade of the pieces. In addition, workers should try to make application point on the bearing surface in the hard direction of products. Under the condition that the pieces remain steady, the clamping force should be as small as possible.

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