How to Store Aluminum Sheet Metal

Aluminum sheet metal in the current production environment is applied widely in many industries demand for aluminum sheet is huge, and generally Aluminum sheet as a production base material is needed to store a lot of customers, especially some dealers often happen a lot of pressure of the goods, the Aluminum sheet metal storage become the problem that each customer needs to know, how to make reasonable storage to ensure that don’t change the quality of the aluminum sheet metal, Haomei aluminum according to the experience of oneself carry on some simple introduction.
First is forbidden in the process of aluminum sheet metal storage material together with chemicals and moisture, also to do well in transit rainproof waterproofing measures, it is necessary to adopt ponchos will aluminum cover transport.
Second Aluminum sheet metal need to dry storage environment, in order to prevent the erosion ideal environment is dry, bright, ventilated.
Also need special attention is that aluminum sheet metal in the process of handling, must take put down gently, keep a knock against cause bruise on the surface, affecting surface beauty.
Finally in aluminum sheet metal each other best place large size aluminum sheet metal below and use rail pad on the bottom keep aluminum separated from the ground.If you have more questions about aluminum sheet metal store welcome call Haomei aluminum.

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