Introduction of Aluminum Sheet Metal in Automotive Field

It is advocated that the theme of energy efficiency and environment protection in the whole automotive industry, the application prospect of automotive aluminum sheet metal had been recognized for a great number of people. Due to the characteristic of aluminum is light, wear resistance, good appearance, good formability and high safety coefficient, meanwhile,the better effect of lacquer that bake hardening. More and more people that in automobile industry promote to use the whole body of aluminum sheet metal, not only because it can reduce the body weight, fuel consumption , but also it have a better effect on energy conservation and emissions reduction. Affected by the international environment, the automotive aluminum sheet metal has a better development opportunity.
The automotive aluminum sheet metal of Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can provide the aluminum plates and aluminum foils in area of automobile manufacturing industry. These products are widely used in truck chassis, oil tanks, the body of passenger car and radiators, etc. The automotive aluminum of Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has many advantages as below shown,
1、3000T drawing mill to eliminate internal stress and reduce automobile aluminum deformation:
3000T drawing mill is mainly used to eliminate the residual stresses in the aluminum sheet metal after quenching. According to the technological requirements, within the prescribed period to stretch the plate with the 1.0% ~ 3.0% permanent tensile and plastic deformation. The plate can avoid distortion when it in cutting, drilling and other processing through the pre-stretching, so this material has the excellent processing performance and mechanical performance.
2、SGS certification to speed up the development of the application of automotive aluminum sheet metal:
In order to speed up the development of automotive aluminum products application, Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. had been passed SGS (SGS Switzerland line), Which is the world’s leading inspection, verification and testing. The certification authority audited was very strictly, we got the ISO certificate from the SGS certification authority&TS16949:2009 quality management system certification.
3、Academician workstation to providing high performance automotive aluminum sheet metal:
Our company worked with the Chinese key laboratory which rolling technology and rolling and Guodong Wang who is the academician of Chinese. Jointly we had set up a workstation with the highly performance production and application technology to research aluminum sheet metal, coil and foil . In order to accerate the development of technologies of our automotive aluminum sheet, Haomei Al. put more energy into researching and developing automotive aluminum sheet metal. Then development the technology of under the way of composite cooling to rapid cooling, control the speed of cooling , and according of the process of cooling.

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