5083 h111 aluminium alloy sheet for tankers

The ordinary tanker body aluminium sheet proves to be 5083 h111 aluminium alloy sheet. 5083 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of low density, high strength, and strong corrosion resistance, and plays an important role in the lightweight building of tank trucks. In fact, its role does not stop there.

5083 h111 aluminium alloy sheet

Lighter aluminium body of a tanker not only helps to reduce energy consumption of the engine, but saves energy for extra load of materials to be transported. In other words, if an aluminum fuel tanker is 1 ton lighter than a steel one, it will be able to carry an extra 1 ton fuel. This adds to profit of delivery journeys substantially. And aluminium tanks are easy to be recycled, because they cost more than steel or fiber steel ones.

A 5083 aluminium sheet is good in tensile strength. The sheet can be super wide so that few welding steps are needed in making a tank body. In this way the possibility of welding point breaking is reduced. As a matter of fact, most tanker manufacturers are able to deal with the welding joining so good that it is as strong as any other part of tank. Even though a tanker rolls over, the tank will not break, protecting the driver and the fuel to the largest degree.

In the production process of 5083 h111 aluminium alloy sheet, Haomei added a small amount of Be, which reduced the cracking tendency of the ingot and improved the surface quality and mechanical properties of the rolled plate. It is especially suitable for making tanker aluminum plates. Welcome to inquire!

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