Will the 6061t6 aluminum sheet be cracked after bending 90 degrees

The 6061-t6 aluminum sheet has stable performance and high hardness, is widely used in industry such as trucks, buildings, ships, vehicles, furniture, machinery, moulds, etc. Will 6061t6 aluminum plate will be cracked at 90 degrees. What about the 6061t6 aluminum plate bending 90 degrees compared to the 3000 series and 5000 series? The aluminum plate has a high hardness and a90 degree bending is easy to crack, but there are certain differences in the bending of different aluminum alloys.

6061-t6 aluminum sheet

The 6061t6 aluminum sheet can be bent, but the hardness of the T6 temper is high. The 6061t6 aluminum sheet is easy to wrinkle or crack on the side of the bent surface. In contrast, the 6061-O aluminum sheet is more suitable for bending, but because it is too soft, basically, 6061 aluminum sheet with o soft temper is seldom used for bend.

When bending the aluminum sheet to 90 degrees, usually 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series aluminum sheet is common used, 6061t6 aluminum sheet and 7000 series aluminum sheet has too high hardness, it is necessary to do the annealing treatment to the O state before bending. There is also the thickness of the aluminum sheet. Too thick aluminum plates are not easy to bend. As far as we can understand, we should try to use thinner aluminum plates. The greater the bending R angle, the higher the success rate, so try to increase the bending angle and the larger the R angle. The direction of the bend should be perpendicular to the direction of the aluminum plate and not parallel. The aluminum plate parts that need to be brushed are best to be bent after the process is promised, otherwise the probability of bending cracking will be added.

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