Aluminium 6061 Sheet For Battery Container

Aluminium 6061 sheet for battery container rely on multiple advantages such as rust prevention and light quality have become the preferred choice of manufacturers. The new era is moving forward at the same time. Energy saving, environmental protection, and green have become a new concept. New energy vehicles are rewarded and subsidized by the state by virtue of their advantages in environmental protection and energy saving. Automotive battery shells are processed and produced with 6061t6 aluminum sheet.

aluminium 6061 sheet for battery container

The comprehensive cost performance of aluminum alloy sheet materials is higher than that of steel, magnesium, plastics and composite materials, and it has comparative advantages in terms of application technology, operational safety and recycling. The density of automobile battery container aluminum sheet 6061 t6 1.5mm thick is only 1/3 that of steel. Its weight reduction and energy saving effects are obvious. At the same time, aluminum materials are easier to recycle and reuse.


The car battery shell is processed and produced by 1.5mm thick 6061t6 aluminum sheet. The aluminium 6061 sheet for battery container e has many advantages such as good oxidation effect, small deformation after processing, uniform quenching, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the fields of mobile phone shells, automobile wheels, trolley cases, 3C products, etc.


How much is the price of aluminium 6061 sheet for battery container? Related to many factors, the prices of dealers and direct sellers are still poor “labor costs, processing costs, and transportation fees, taxes, and production costs” etc., it is recommended that you buy from large manufacturers.

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