Aluminium Sheet Plate Manufacturer

Haomei Aluminum is an aluminium sheet plate manufacturer with integrated R&D, production and sales with 20 years of production experience. The aluminum sheet product supplied by Haomei Aluminum is cost-effective, and has been well received by customers at home and abroad. Haomei Aluminum also supports tailor-made services. The company can produce aluminum sheet plate of various specifications with a thickness of 0.12mm-500mm and a width of 500-2600mm. The products are distributed nationwide, exported globally, short delivery time, reasonable aluminum sheet prices and export products. Use fumigation-free wooden pallets, so you can purchase with confidence!

aluminium sheet plate manufacturer

As an experienced aluminium sheet plate manufacturer, the first 1+4 hot continuous rolling line was built in Haomei Aluminum. Later, Haomei Aluminum’s 1+1 ultra-wide plate production line was officially put into operation. Haomei Aluminum relies on its strong production capacity, stable process, high production efficiency and good product quality, excellent plate shape and other technical advantages, quickly seizing the high-end aluminum sheet, strip and foil market. Haomei Aluminum’s main products are aluminum sheet plates, strips and foils with dozens of alloy grades, including 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series and 8 series. There are also CTP plate base, PS plate base, electronic foil, single zero aluminum foil, double zero aluminum foil, alloy materials, deep drawing materials, brazing plates, medium and thick plates, etc.


The production range of aluminium sheet plate manufacturer are:

Commonly used 1000 series and 3000 series can not only produce flat aluminum sheet, but are also the main alloy grades used for aluminum checkered plates.

5000 series alloy aluminum plate are used in shipbuilding, automobile wheels, automobile fuel tanks, cans, mobile phones, computers, building materials, mechanized equipment, pressure vessels, containers, etc.

Series 6000 aluminum plate products are widely used in products such as automated mechanical parts, precision machining, various mold manufacturing, electronics and precision instruments.

8000 series of oral liquid caps, liquor caps, beverage caps, milk powder caps, tea caps, air-conditioning foils, cable tapes, medicinal foils, etc. for medicinal use.

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