Factors that affect aluminum metal sheets quality

As a building material, aluminum metal sheets should have high quality, or the quality of construction projects cannot be guaranteed. In the aluminum sheet metal industry, the quality of aluminum sheet raw material not only affects the decorative effect, but also affects its practicality. So, what are the factors that affect the quality of aluminum sheet?

aluminum metal sheets

  1. Cut corners

With the continuous improvement of the country’s quality control system, some enterprises still take risks in order to reduce production costs and cut corners in the process of producing aluminum sheet products, using molds with substandard aluminum ingot, resulting in  aluminum metal sheets with unacceptable quality.


  1. Mixed raw materials

Since the aluminum sheet industry has not established a relatively complete and mature industry standard, the quality of raw materials has been uneven. Some companies want to win in the fierce market competition at a low price, so they use different aluminum with different compositions or mix the raw materials of the recycled aluminum with the raw materials to reduce the production cost.


  1. Strict supervision

Some enterprises have not established a perfect supervision system, and there are loopholes in the supervision of raw materials, so that some raw materials whose chemical elements do not meet the standards are mixed into them, thus causing the phenomenon that the chemical elements contained in the produced aluminum metal sheet products are seriously exceeded.


  1. The measurement is not timely

When performing the aluminum sheet coating process, it is necessary to configure the solution. If the configuration is not configured according to the relevant regulations during the configuration process, and the concentration of the measurement solution is not timely, it will cause the oxide film to be thin and not up to the standard thickness.


  1. Falsification

The settlement basis of aluminum metal sheets products is that the settlement basis between dealers and customers is area, and the settlement basis between dealers and manufacturers is weight, and the settlement basis is different, which makes some manufacturers speculate and make a fuss about wall thickness.

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