Thick Aluminium Sheet Factory

Haomei Aluminum is a listed thick aluminium sheet factory, supply 1-8 series aluminum sheet products with thickness ranging from 1-500mm. Thick aluminum plates refer to aluminum plates with a thickness of more than 8 mm. Generally, aluminum plates with a thickness above are used in the mechanical parts and mold processing industries. The common thick aluminum sheet are 5052 and 6061 series. Application range of thick aluminum plate: thick aluminum plate is often used in machinery parts, mold manufacturing and other industries, suitable for turning processing, and has good processing performance on lathes and milling machines.

thick aluminium sheet factory
thick aluminium sheet factory

Generally 10-500mm is called medium-thick aluminum plate. Rough processing flow: Medium-thick aluminum plate is a product after aluminum ingots are melted into molten aluminum and then cast into ingots in deep wells, and then rolled by a hot rolling mill. Therefore, medium-thick aluminum sheet are all hot-rolled aluminum products. The thick aluminum plates are all sawed, so an appropriate margin will be placed on the length and width. The thick aluminium sheet have good corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, long service life, low cost, high recycling value, mature processing technology, and a huge price advantage compared to other high-grade alloy aluminum plates.


As a thick aluminium sheet factory, Haomei Aluminum supply with internal stress relief, no deformation during cutting, width up to 2600mm, thickness up to 200mm, is a manufacturer of ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates. Rolled by the fourth domestic super-wide 2650mm German SMS six-high cold rolling mill, the product has a better shape, higher precision and more stable performance. Ultra-thick aluminum alloy plate is ultrasonically detected, which can effectively ensure that there is no blisters and impurities.

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