Aluminium sheets with colour coated

Aluminium sheets with colour coated has the characteristics no rust, gorgeous color, beautiful appearance, sturdiness and durability, high quality and high grade. When color coated aluminum sheets are used in architectural decoration for outdoor curtain walls, due to the unique robustness of their metal materials, they can easily withstand the attack of unfavorable weather factors such as storms, and are easy to maintain. From a viewing angle, it gives people a visual enjoyment. When used as an indoor roof or partition wall, the unique permeability and gloss of color coated aluminum sheet roll give the space more aesthetic pleasure.

aluminium sheets with colour coated

The colors of aluminium sheets with colour coated can be blue, green, yellow, pink, white, red, etc. Haomei provide high quality color coated aluminium sheet product with many models and complete specifications; they have the characteristics of gorgeous colors, beautiful appearance, sturdiness and durability, high quality, and high grade. They are sold well all over the world and received unanimous praise. The advantages of colored aluminium sheets: best weather resistance, self-cleaning and UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, under normal outdoor conditions, can ensure the best color, fluorocarbon base material can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet rays Invasion. The special molecular structure prevents dust from attaching to the surface and has good self-cleaning properties. Good flame retardancy, meets fire protection requirements. The color coated aluminium sheet are made of high-strength aluminum alloy 3003 and fluorocarbon (PVDF) paint or PE paint, which have good flame retardancy and can completely pass the fire protection acceptance.

The aluminium sheets with colour coated is not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. The colors are widely selectable, rich, with good visual effects and excellent decorative effects. Recycling, green and environmental protection: lightweight, good rigidity and high strength. Light weight, aluminum plate decorations are mostly made of high-quality aluminum-manganese and aluminum-magnesium alloys, which are light in weight, ensuring the flat surface, wind pressure, impact resistance, shock resistance, and lightning protection, and effectively reduce the load on the building.

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