Powder Coated Aluminum Suppliers

Haomei Aluminum Co., Ltd. is one of the powerful powder coated aluminum suppliers in Henan, China. Since the color coated aluminum sheet is a new type of material, the number of manufacturers in China is not large. And we Haomei Aluminum has rich experience on powder coated aluminum sheet coil product manufacturing.

powder coated aluminum suppliers

Production of pre-painted aluminum sheet:

Color-coated aluminum plate is to coat the aluminum plate flat. The oven height is 30 cm. The parallel baking surface is always at one point of the temperature curve. The whole process is automated, so there is no temperature difference, no color difference, high production efficiency and stable quality. Powder color coated aluminum sheets generally choose 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and other series of high-grade aluminum sheet, and the flat sheet is baked at high temperature to fully release the internal stress of the aluminum sheet. Powder coated sheet metal is formed by a non-welded surface production process to avoid high-temperature welding deformation. Therefore, the flatness of the powder coated aluminum coil is very high. The sheet roll coating makes the sheet metal more efficient and saves costs.

For metal materials such as color-coated aluminum sheets, they need to be optimized for production and processing by powder coated aluminum suppliers to have a reliable guarantee of quality. Whether there is a problem with the material or the process, there may be quality defects, so it must be surfaced It seems that there is no quality defect problem and the aluminum plate with a very good appearance is of good quality.

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