Coated Aluminum Coil Manufacturers

Coated aluminum coil manufacturers supply color coated aluminum which are very stable in performance and not easy to be corroded. The surface layer can be guaranteed for many years after special treatment. The weight per unit volume of color coated aluminum coil is relatively light among metal materials. Color coated aluminum sheet is to coat the aluminum sheet flat. The parallel baking surface is always at one point of the temperature curve. The whole process is automated, so there is no temperature difference, no color difference, high production efficiency and stable quality.

coated aluminum coil manufacturers

Roll coated aluminum coil sheets generally choose 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and other series of high-grade aluminum roll, and the flat sheet is baked at high temperature to fully release the internal stress of the aluminum sheet. Color coated aluminum coil metal is formed by a non-welded surface production process to avoid high-temperature welding deformation. Therefore, the flatness of the roll coated aluminum sheet is very high. The sheet roll coating makes the sheet metal more efficient and saves costs. The color coated aluminum coil has light weight, strong hardness, durability, fire resistance, moisture resistance, high plasticity, can be used in various places for decoration design. The appearance is exquisite, the effect is lifelike, the fluorocarbon coating layer is uniform, strong and wear-resistant, and the shape and thickness can be customized on demand to meet different architectural decoration needs.


The transportation link of coated aluminum coil manufacturers:
1, It is strictly forbidden to turn the product upside down when transporting it out of the factory, and strictly follow the direction indicated on the fluorocarbon color coated aluminum sheet.
2, It cannot be directly transported by forklift or steel wire rope, and special spreaders are required to avoid damaging the fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil.
3, The shipping vehicles must be cleaned, and rubber seals or special transportation tools must be laid to maintain the stability and integrity of the fluorocarbon colored aluminum sheet.
4, When taking the aluminum sheet, never pull it, otherwise the notch burr of the aluminum sheet will damage the next aluminum sheet.
5, When disassembling and installing the fluorocarbon color coated aluminum, please place it gently to prevent the aluminum sheet from contacting other hard objects.

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